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New Homes

Our focus is to respect your lifestyle, budget, the environment and the area in which your home exists. We specialize in smaller energy efficient homes but are experienced in all sizes, styles and budgets. We work closely with the home owners and builders from the start of every project to reduce the chances of unexpected outcomes or cost over runs. We consider the home owner as part of the design team. This is your home. It should reflect you and your style.



Frequently we’re called in to design projects because a family has out grown their space. Often the needed space is already there but underutilized. We can examine your existing layout and transform wasted areas into valuable living space. A cost effective alternative to adding on.


Energy Efficiency

Even in California's mild climate, energy efficiency is very important. Whether your goal is to protect the environment or save money there are many ways to make a home tight and easier to heat and cool. Max is from Maine and is familiar with ways to reduce the chances of your expensive heated or cooled air from escaping.


Additions, Renovations, Remodeling

Whether your intent is to transform an existing structure, gain additional living space or upgrade for efficiency we can analyze the project and develop a design which fits your needs.

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